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Finding a Florida home which pays for itself is simple with the right tools. We track, rate and uncover exceptional vacation rental properties all over the state of Florida. Owners look here to optimize. Investors look here for unique opportunities to purchase investment properties. And sellers look here to get their properties noticed. All gain valuable insight on vacation rental properties.

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Real Data, It's everywhere and it's free. Tracking it is another thing! Specifically designed to track the most important data necessary to determine probable rental income per address, Free Florida Home gathers the ever changing short term rental intelligence data on nearby homes which are for rent as vacation rentals. Find out if your potential investment home is in a location where it will have a likelyhood of high rental income. Each home on our site is continually updated as we judge potential income by nearby advertised homes to determine the going rate per home of similar accomodations.

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AI for ROI

The idea behind crowd wisdom is that people in general are smarter than you think. The challenge of harnessing collective wisdom intrigued the Data Purists who code our software, and inspired a way to utilize the power of crowd wisdom in a way which helps investors to know which home will likely deliver a better return on investment. Each rating is totally unbiased and generated automatically through a series of algorithms which establish income based on the closest other like rentals, minus the recurring expenses. The Net figure is divided into the listed purchase price to give each home a solid investment rating.